Who is a stateless person?

stateless person is someone who does not have a nationality. No country recognizes stateless people as their citizens. Some are born stateless, but others become stateless. Stateless people are found in all regions of the world and the majority of them were born in the countries in which they have lived their entire lives. Without a nationality, they are often denied their basic rights. Statelessness can mean a life without education, without medical care, or legal employment. UNHCR is the UN agency mandated to work on statelessness including the identification and protection of stateless persons and the prevention and reduction of statelessness.

I am stateless, can UNHCR assist me?

UNHCR advocates for the protection of stateless people worldwide and for solutions to their plight. Only States can provide nationality to stateless persons.

UNHCR in Croatia, through a project with  Civil Rights Project Sisak, provides information and free legal advice to stateless people and people at risk of statelessness on status and citizenship matters. UNHCR works with national authorities, to advocate for access to education, health care, employment and other basic rights for stateless persons. Please visit this page for more information.

Useful information

Civil Rights Project Sisak

Ul. Stjepana i Antuna Radića 6/5, 44000, Sisak

Free Legal Phone 0800 200 098

1954 Convention regarding the Status of Stateless Persons, available here

1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness, available here

ANALYSIS of the Legal Framework Concerning Stateless Persons And Persons At Risk Of Statelessness In Croatia

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