How to seek help in Croatia

If you (or someone close to you) have experienced an unwanted activity directed against you, based on your sex, gender or gender identity, there are organizations and services that can offer help.

Experiencing gender-based violence is never your fault! 

If you experienced, you are experiencing, or fear you may experience gender-based violence, call the national helpline 116 006 which is providing service to survivors of criminal acts and misdemeanor including gender based violence  in English and Croatian language. The service is free, anonymous, and active 24H. 

By calling 116 006 victims and witnesses of crime can receive:

– emotional support

– legal information

– referral to relevant civil society organizations and institutions

– various practical information


– If you wish to report an incident or violence, contact the police directly at 192

– If you need emergency medical assistance, call 194

– For emergencies, call 112

You can find information brochures on gender-based violence including organizations that are providing support in English, Farsi, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, French, Urdu and Croatian.