Emergency Phone Numbers

You can call these numbers for free from your mobile phone. Most of them are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call 100: Disque Direitos Humanos (Human Rights Hotline)

Public service provided by the Secretariat of Human Rights of the Presidency of the Republic, linked to the National Ombudsman for Human Rights, to receive claims related to human rights violations, especially those that affect vulnerable populations, e.g.: children, elderly, persons with disabilities, LGBTI, homeless, and issues related to air companies. Claims are received, examined and forwarded to authorities within 24 hours. The service also provides information on human rights in Brazil and guidelines on actions and services in human rights available at the Federal, State and Municipal levels.

The toll-free hotline is offered 24/7 and complaints can be anonymous and confidential if so requested. In order to register a complaint, you will need to provide information on the abuse as well as on the victim.

More information can be found here.

Call 180: Central de Atendimento para a Mulher (Women’s Assistance Hotline) - Ministry of Justice

The Special Secretariat for Women (Ministry of Justice) offers a toll-free hotline to receive reports of violence against women and to guide women about their rights and the current legislation, referring to local services when necessary.

Call 181: Disque Denúncia (Crime Reporting Hotline)

Toll-free hotline for reporting crimes and assaults if you want to remain anonymous.

Call 190: Polícia Militar (Military Police)

Toll-free hotline for reporting emergencies, e.g. crimes, assaults, protection of citizens at risk, threats to life, reports of robberies and attacks to public safety. You can also use this number to contact the Fire Service.

Call 192: Public Ambulance (SAMU)

Call a public ambulance for an emergency care service. You should tell: 1 – what happened to the patient; 2 – address  and reference of the place; 3 – patient information, such as name, age and sex.

Call 193: Corpo de Bombeiro (Fire Service)

The Brazilian Fire Brigade deals with fire, accidents with animals, gas leaks, chemical products and natural disasters such as flooding and burning.