Operation Horizonte – Federal Police of São Paulo

Since April 1, 2022, the Federal Police has continued Operation Horizonte, a specific action to serve the immigrant public in São Paulo to facilitate access to its digital platforms, with a focus on scheduling specific services for document regularization.

The action includes vulnerable immigrants who have already been screened and assisted by the CIC do Imigrante, with the support of UNHCR and IOM.

For now, vacancies will be allocated for the following services:

• Refugee protocol renewals;
• Recognized refugee registration;
• Issuance of a second copy of the CRNM (upon presentation of a report of theft/theft/loss);
• Renewals of the term of residence permit for a specific period (for the following cases: Mercosur citizens, Humanitarian Reception – Haiti, Residence Permit for Senegalese nationals who had an asylum application process, Residence Permit for Dominican Republic nationals who had an asylum application process, Citizens of Venezuela in the cases provided for in Interministerial Ordinance 19/2020).

To obtain the list of documents required for each service, access:

Todos os procedimentos abaixo estão vinculados com a seguinte página: https://www.gov.br/pt-br/servicos/obter-autorizacao-de-residencia-e-carteira-de-registro-migratorio 

In this action, only immigrants who have already passed the initial screening and who are forwarded on dates pre-established by the CIC do Imigrante will be served by the Federal Police of São Paulo.

Reputable civil society organizations that provide care, free of charge, to vulnerable immigrants and are interested in supporting this Operation should establish direct contact with the Immigrant CIC.

Interested parties should contact the Immigrant CIC for more information.

Address: Rua Barra Funda, 1020, Santa Cecília
Phone/WhatsApp: (11) 3115-2048
Email: [email protected]

Important: this action will not affect the normal service carried out by scheduling with the AGENDA SYSTEM of the Federal Police, since it is a complementary action to the service regularly provided by the PF.