Coronavirus: Warao and E’nepá

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Child protection - E'nepá

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Health Communication with Warao and Eñepa

UNHCR and the Fraternidade Institution – International Humanitarian Federation (FFHI) launch the booklet ‘Communication on Health with Warao and Eñepa Indigenous People’, available in Portuguese, Spanish, and also in the native languages of this indigenous population in refuge in Brazil.

Also aimed at health professionals, the publication brings an intercultural perspective to facilitate communication and understanding with the indigenous population about health, diagnosis and treatment according to the cosmology of each group. The material was produced in close collaboration with leaders from these two ethnic groups, who supported translation, proofreading and illustration.

In addition, a Diagnosis and Treatment Note was made available.

To download the booklet, click here or on the image below.

How to protect yourself - Warao

How to protect yourself - E'nepá

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