Family reunification and extension of the effects of refugee status

The principle of family unity, provided for in the Federal Constitution and the American Convention on Human Rights, is guaranteed to recognized refugees and their families through family reunification and the extension of the effects of the refugee status.

Family Reunification: A procedure that ensures that members of the family of a recognized refugee who are outside the national territory can meet with him or her in the country of refuge.

Extension of the effects of refugee status: A procedure that ensures that the refugee status is extended to other members of his or her family, provided they are in the national territory.

Family Reunification Procedure

Step 1 – The refugee already recognized by the Conare must send through the Electronic Protocol of the Ministry of Justice the ANNEX I – Manifestation of the Will for Family Meeting of Normative Resolution n. 27 of CONARE.

Step 2 – The relative must go to the consular unit after confirming that the expression of will has already been made available, taking the determined documents, to obtain the visa for family reunification.

Attention: The expression of the will of the refugee is not guaranteed to issue a visa for family reunification.

It is important to keep in mind that all travel costs, such as airfare, are your responsibility. The Brazilian government will not bear the costs of your family coming to Brazil.

For more information about family reunification, you can contact CONARE through the following email: [email protected]. Do not forget to include your full name, the number of your National Migration Registration Card/RNE, nationality and address in your email. You should explain the situation and list which family members are willing to travel to Brazil. CONARE will answer you in a few days with further instructions.

To receive more information on how to bring your family members to Brazil or for assistance in the family reunion process, please contact UNHCR or one of our civil society partners.

Procedure for Extending the Effects of Refugee Status

Step 1 – When arriving in Brazil, the family member must go together with the recognized refugee in the Federal Police to begin the procedure to extend the effects of the refugee status. Then they should fill out the Annex II of Normative Resolution n. 27 of CONARE.

Step 2 – After deciding on the application for extension of the refugee status, the Conare will notify the refugee who requested the extension.


• Do not leave blank answers. If you do not understand a question, ask for assistance from UNHCR or one of its partner organizations.

• In cases where the question does not apply, write NOT APPLICABLE.

• When requesting the extension of refugee status effects, present as many documents as possible to demonstrate family bonding and economic dependence, if they have not yet been demonstrated to the consular authority.


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