How can I claim asylum? – Sisconare

If you consider yourself a refugee and need international protection, you can access Sisconare and apply for recognition of the refugee status to the Brazilian State. All information shared at the time of request is confidential and will not be shared with the authorities of your country or with other persons or outside organizations. A foreigner seeking refuge in Brazil may not be deported to the border of a country or territory where his or her life or freedom is threatened. In addition, everyone is entitled to the PRESENCE OF A LAWYER from the Union Public Defender’s Office or UNHCR’s partner organizations for FREE to follow up on all procedures for their evacuation application (not necessary, but you can count on a lawyer if you want).

PLEASE NOTE: The Refuge Request is FULLY FREE and can be made directly by the Refuge Requester. The presence of a lawyer is not mandatory.

To apply for refuge you must take the following steps (more information below):
1. Gather all possible documents
2. Sign up for Sisconare
3. Complete the application form
4. Report to the Federal Police
5. Awaiting CONARE’s decision
6. CONARE Decision

CONARE General Coordination Contact
Emails: [email protected] and [email protected]
Phone: (61) 2025-9225

1. Gather all possible documents

Before applying for refugee status recognition, gather any relevant documentation that may support your application, such as personal documentation, photos, certificates, videos, reports, messages, emails, news, etc. The more documents you submit, the more items will be taken into consideration when reviewing your request.

IMPORTANT! People without ID can also apply for recognition of refugee status.

2. Sign up for Sisconare

Sign up for Sisconare. After registration, you will receive an email to create your system login password.


Remember, to register you must have an email.

To access Sisconare click here.

3. Complete the application form

Log in to Sisconare with your password and complete the refugee status recognition form. If you have other relatives in Brazil, they may be included in the same way.

Answer all questions on the form by providing details and include all documents gathered in step 1.

After completing the form, a tracking number will be generated, which can be found in the “notifications” part or in the upper left corner where it has a bell symbol.

4. Report to the Federal Police

You must go to the Federal Police to receive your application for refugee status recognition and to receive your Protocol.

For ease of service, carry the Sisconare tracking number (printed or annotated).
Verify that you need:
– Schedule an appointment with the Federal Police to receive your request.
– Take a 3×4 photo

IMPORTANT! Your application for refugee status recognition will only be complete after you appear at the Federal Police.


  • The protocol must be renewed annually.
  • With the Protocol, you can obtain a work card (CTPS), Individuals Registration (CPF) and access the public services available in Brazil.

5. Awaiting CONARE's decision

Conare will review your case and communicate to continue the process.

Keep your contact information current and sign in to Sisconare at least once a month to receive notifications about your request, such as the date of the interview and the final decision of the case.

If you prefer, watch the video that talks about the interview:


How to update your contact details?

  • If you are registered with Sisconare: update your data on the system itself.
  • If you are not registered with Sisconare: send your updated data via an electronic petition to Conare. Visit the website for information on how to do so.

If you prefer, watch the video that talks about the progress of your refuge request:

6. CONARE Decision

• If you are recognized as a refugee, go to the Federal Police (check the need to schedule an appointment) to apply for the National Registry of Migration (CRNM) card.
• If your request is denied, you may file an appeal within 15 business days. This period starts from the moment you read the decision notification, which will be available on Sisconare, or 30 days after the notification is published in the system, whichever comes first. To make an appeal, you can count on the support of the Public Defender.


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