The Federal University of ABC approved the exemption for the process of revalidation of refugees’ diplomas

The Federal University of ABC (UFABC) has approved exemption from payment of revalidation and recognition fees for stricto sensu undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas for refugees and applicants for refugee status in Brazil. The measure allows this population to request, free of charge, the revalidation and recognition of undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas stricto sensu, making it easier for applicants for refugee status to enter the labor market in accordance with their competences without who have to pay the fees charged for this purpose.

How to apply for exemption – To apply for the exemption of the revalidation fee and recognition of Higher Education Diplomas with the UFABC, the applicant must prove his/her refugee status or applicants for refugee status, according to article 3 of ConsUni Resolution No. 182, of 19 July 2017. Order is placed via Carolina Bori Platform.

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