Employability program for women victims of domestic and family violence

Tem Saída is a program of the City of São Paulo in partnership with the Public Prosecution Service, the Public Defender’s Office, the Court of Justice, OAB SP and UN Women, which promotes the financial autonomy and employability of women in situations of domestic and family violence. The program partners with private companies that will offer job openings to participating women.

The woman may be part of Tem Saída through the service provided by the Public Prosecutor, Public Defender, May Judiciary or in police stations. After this service, she will be sent to the job selection equipment of the Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development and Labor. They will go through a differentiated selection process that will be supported by the Secretariat staff and the Human Resources areas of the partner companies.

For more information visit the website or contact us by email at [email protected] or call the service 156.