The Universidade Federal de Roraima opens vacancies for undergraduate courses for refugees applicants, refugees and immigrants

The Universidde Federal de Roraima, located in the city of Boa Vista – RR, has the selection process open for refugees applicants, refugees and  immigrants in a vulnerable situation to enter the undergraduate courses.

Registration will take place from October 7, 2019 until October 11, 2019 and to apply you must present the refugee protocol or proof of refugee status issued by the National Refugee Committee (CONARE) and any documents proving regularity in Brazil as a foreigner or proof of migratory regularity, by means of a declaration that places him / her as permanent resident in accordance with Normative Resolutions 97/2012, 122/2016 and 126/2017, of the National Immigration Council (CNIG) and the Interministerial Ordinances no. 10, of 6/6/2018; and 15, 08/27/2018; and proof of completion of High School or equivalent in another country, upon presentation of certificate of completion of High School or equivalent.

The candidate will compete for 100 vacancies, which 91 are for open competition and 9 are for persons with disabilities in accordance with the distribution of the courses.

For further information, acesse here.