Brazilian government regulates the granting of residence to Cubans who participated in the Mais Médicos program

On July 26, 2019, an ordinance was created between the Ministries of Justice and Public Security and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that regulate the granting of residence for Cubans who came to Brazil from 2013 due to the creation of the Mais Médicos program.

The ordinance provides that Cubans may apply for residence in the country for a period of 2 years. Once you have secured this residency, you can apply for an indefinite residency application even before the 2 year period has expired.

To apply for a residence permit, you must provide a series of documents, including proof of participation in Mais Médicos.

It is important to remember that those Cubans who have started the process of refuge and therefore are considered as applicants for refuge, if they choose the process of granting residence, will need to give up the process of refuge.

For more details, access the ordinance.