Short-term extension courses for migrants

The Faculdade Metropolitana da Grande Recife is a private university that, in addition to offering 100% scholarships for regular migrants in its undergraduate courses, is promoting in July a series of short-term extension courses for the academic community and for society .

Some of these courses were made for migrants, such as: Portuguese Course for Migrants (Spanish speakers), Business Management Course (Spanish-speaking) and Instrumental English Course.

In addition, it is also being offered other courses that can be used, such as: How to own your own restaurant – from planning to operation, time management course, lectures – meeting with the market “win the selection process”, Course of assistant of warehouse, Mini-course Elaboration of curriculum and professional orientation, Mini-course – learn to calculate the cost and the price of your product among several others.

The courses take place throughout the month of July and it is necessary to take 1kg of non-perishable food and register on the site, where you can see more details of the courses.