São Paulo City Hall launches the program “Tô Legal!” to register street vendors

In order to regulate the commerce in public streets of São Paulo, the city council launched this month the system “Tô legal!” to reduce the bureaucracy and so that the sellers can act in the streets within the legality.

The “Tô Legal!” has the objective of authorizing the equipment of commerce in the public roads with more facility, to improve the data management and to guarantee the transparency of the whole process with the applicant. It will be the opportunity to legalize various activities in places of great movement, such as schools, bus terminals and subway stations.

To obtain the documentation of this system, simply access the service on the internet, where information such as a map will be available to check the availability of the place of interest and the documentation necessary to obtain “Tô Legal!“. From there, it is only to request the authorization to work at the chosen point and for the desired period – a day, a week, for example, or a month. The authorization is valid for a maximum period of 90 days in the same place and will be issued after payment of the Municipal Collection Document (DAMSP) in the banking network, which will be at least R $ 10.72 per day.

The sale of the products is subject to all municipal, state and federal laws, such as hygiene control for sale food, traffic legislation and the supervision will be in charge the Subprefeituras. Trade of illegal or counterfeit products is also not permitted.

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