Free cinema for people in a refugee situation in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

The film Zaatari – Memories of the Labyrinth premiered on May 30 in the rooms of the Espaço Itaú de Cinema – in São Paulo (Shopping Frei Caneca) and in Rio de Janeiro (Espaço Itaú de Cinema Botafogo). Until June 12, asylum seekers and recognized refugees are entitled to watch the film for free – presenting an official document proving the refugee situation (provisional protocol or national migratory registration card).

The scenery of Zaatari – Memories of the Labyrinth is one of the largest refugee camps of the Syrian War, located in the Mafraq desert, on the Syrian border with Jordan, since 2012. In just four years, Zaatari became the third city in the country and the fifth largest center in financial transactions. The documentary focuses on the human side and seeks to understand how more than 80,000 refugees attempt to rebuild their lives, overcoming the traumas of war. The film chronicles the day-to-day lives of characters struggling to keep their memories alive.

Espaço Itaú de Cinema Frei Caneca
Rua Frei Caneca, 569 – Consolação, São Paulo – SP
Session time: 15:50

Espaço Itaú de Cinema Rio de Janeiro
Praia de Botafogo, 316 – Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Session time: 1:30 p.m.