Caritas Journey takes place on April 17 in São Paulo

The Refugee Reference Center of Caritas Arquidiocesana de São Paulo, in its effort to discuss the main refugee issues, will start another cycle of its “Caritas Days” event on April 17, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., in the auditorium of the first floor of the Faculty of Law of USP. This year’s theme will be Public Policy. The opening of the Journeys will bring an overview of the public policies for immigrants and refugees, presented by Fr. Paolo Parise (Peace Mission) and Fr. Marcelo Maróstica (Caritas Archdiocesan of São Paulo).

There will be six meetings that aim to present issues related to the promotion of public policies for immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees. Each issue will provide contact between policymakers and refugees to address issues of access to rights, social assistance, local integration, and health.

Launch of Caritas Days 2019 – public policies
Speakers: Fr. Marcelo Maróstica (CASP) and Fr. Paolo Parise (Peace Mission)
Venue: Auditorium of the First Floor of the Faculty of Law of Largo de São Francisco (Largo do São Francisco, nº 95, Sé)
Free entrance

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