Free Portuguese course for migrants and refugees in Brasilia

The registration of the Portuguese course for Migrants and Refugees in Brasília – DF is open from this Saturday, March 16th. The course, promoted by the Human Rights Observatory in partnership with IMDH, is totally free and has unlimited vacancies. Classes are taught only on Saturdays so that migrants can participate effectively in classes.
Registration will be held in person on the first day of class. The interested parties must attend in one of the three units that will be offered the courses, in their respective addresses and schedules:

(Time 16 hr)
Center for Culture and Development of Paranoá
Q, Q 9 Set D e, 9

Core Bandeirante
(Time: 15 hr)
Church of the New Millennium Mission
3rd Avenue Special Area 5 Module

Riacho Fundo I
(Time: 15 hr)
Educational Center 02
Riacho Fundo I QN 7 AE 1

In addition to the totally free classes, the migrants will also receive handouts and the necessary material for the course. For more information: (61) 99803-3981 – speak with Professor Francisca.