The “Creative Displacement” project offers an overview of entrepreneurial refugees in the city of SP

The Creative Displacement Project presents a picture of the opportunities and challenges of refugees from Africa and the Middle East who work in the area of the creative economy in the city of São Paulo. The results of this mapping are part of the digital platform of the project, launched in July of last year and available at

The platform aims to be the main reference source for those who want to know and hire the work carried out by refugees from Africa and the Middle East (Syria, Palestine, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and Senegal) and who now reside in Sao Paulo City. In the Map of the Creative Economy of SP, refugee initiatives are identified in the areas of gastronomy, fashion, languages & culture, art & crafts.

The strength of the creative production carried out by refugees in the city of São Paulo, the second main destination of refugees arriving in the country, is still little known. And it is this gap that the Creative Displacement project is now seeking to supply with the platform.

The action was developed with the support of the Culture Secretariat of the State Government of São Paulo, through the Cultural Action Program (ProAC – Editais).