Course on Portuguese and Brazilian Culture for Refugees and Migrants in Rio de Janeiro

In August, FAETEC will offer a course on Portuguese and Brazilian Culture for refugees and migrants in Rio de Janeiro.  The course, available in the basic module, is the result of a partnership between the State Secretariat for Science, Technology and Social Development and the Secretariat for Human Rights and Policies for Women and the Elderly.

Applications must be made in one of the local units, as soon as possible, as classes begin on 14 of August:

FAETEC São Gonçalo Unidade Colubandê
Teacher: Deisimar Barcelos Fernandes Rodrigues
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Address: Rodovia Amaral Peixoto Km 11 – Rua Augusto Rush s/nº Colubandê (ao lado do CIEP Dr. Zerbini e da UPA do Colubandê) – São Gonçalo, RJ.
Phone number: (21) 3605-7787
Coordinator: Prof. Floraci Costa Pereira – Telephone: 96498-2239

FAETEC São João de Meriti – Unidade Parque Araruama
Teacher: Glaucia Ribeiro Chicaro
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Address: Av. Dionísio Rocha QD.G LT.26 – Parque Araruama – São João de Meriti, RJ
Phone number: (21) 3651-5735
Coordinator: Profa. Isabel Cristina Barbosa de Sá – Telephone: 96403-8612

The documentation to be presented at enrollment is the CPF and the RNE or the Provisional Protocol.

The entrance requirements are:
Being a foreign citizen;
Incomplete Elementary School (no documentation required);
Minimum age of 15 years.