UNILA opens special screening process for refugees and humanitarian visa holders

The Federal University of Latin American Integration (UNILA) has published the edict that regulates the selection process for refugees and holders of humanitarian visas. In total, 29 places are offered, one in each undergraduate course, for admission in the academic year of 2019. Entries are open until August 19 and must be done through an electronic form. To read the edict and check other information on the selection process, visit http://bit.ly/editalrefugiados.

Candidates of any nationality, who have refugee status, are applicants for refugees or holders of recognized humanitarian visas in Brazil may participate in this selection. The notice also asks that the candidate has completed high school, has no active relationship with UNILA and is at least 18 years old until February 15, 2019. To participate in the selection, UNILA also requires candidates to live for more than six months in Brazil or present a certificate of proficiency in Portuguese.

At the time of registration, it is necessary to attach, in PDF format, the personal and school documents required by the public notice. In addition, the candidate may choose, in order of preference, three course options. According to the schedule, the first call will be published on October 2. The candidates classified in this call will have from 2 to 8 October to confirm the interest in the vacancy.

All students selected by this edict must be in Foz do Iguaçu in February 2019 for registration procedures. It is expected that classes will start in March 2019. The date will be announced later in the academic calendar of UNILA.

After being summoned and registered, refugees and holders of humanitarian visas may apply for student aid from the UNILA Student Assistance Program. The amount of vacancies for housing, food and transportation aid will depend on the University’s budget availability for 2019.

For more information on the selection of refugees and humanitarian visa holders, contact us at [email protected]