Art competition awards works of refugees

The contest “Making Art in Conare: Human Mobility in Art” wants to recognize and reward works of art performed or to be performed by refugees in Brazil. Artists wishing to participate must have the refugee status recognized by the National Committee for Refugees (Conare) and register online or by post until June 15.

Visual arts works can be individual or collective and should portray or draw on experiences, feelings, projects and hopes experienced by refugees. The technique of the works presented will be free, that is, they can be sculptures, paintings on canvas, photographs, graffiti, murals, among others, as long as they are not fragile, such as arts performed with ice or sand, for example.

According to the national secretary of Justice, Luiz Pontel de Souza, the published announcement is a form of the Federal Government to promote an affirmative policy made for the refugees and at the same time conceived as the result of a work of the refugees. “The work will be incorporated into the public patrimony, which is also a way of affirming, within the Administration, the refugee population in Brazil,” he said.

According to the general coordinator of the Conare, Bernardo Laferté, the competition is an opportunity to encourage, through art, the refugees in our society. “Art is also a form of manifestation of a society and, through the works presented, we hope to transmit a message from the refugees about their experiences of life to the Brazilian population, including as a way of raising awareness and information about migratory movements,” he emphasizes.

The three best artworks will win prizes. The creator of the best work will receive R$ 5 thousand. The second place will be awarded with R$ 3 thousand and the third place, with R$ 2 thousand. The documents required to register for the competition are: a copy of the Conare’s notification informing the recognition on the refugee status or a simple copy of the National Immigration Registry Card (former National Register of Foreigners – RNE); document indicating the name of the proposal, name of the participant, the municipality and Unit of the Federation of residence; and a  conceptual proposal of the work to be presented.

The documents must be sent completed and signed to the e-mail address [email protected] or by mail to the address: Edital de Seleção Pública n.º 01 “Fazendo Arte no Conare: Mobilidade Humana em Arte”; Esplanada dos Ministérios, Ministério da Justiça, Bloco T, Ed. Anexo II, 3º andar, Salas 305/303, Brasília/DF – CEP 70.064-900.

Source: Ministry of Justice.