Refuge interviews can be scheduled by mobile message

The Ministry of Justice issued a statement on Tuesday (30/01) reporting on the new mode of scheduling interviews for asylum seekers, as follows.

Refuge interviews can be scheduled by mobile message

The measure aims at reducing costs and achieve greater effectiveness in communication

Brasília, 30/1/18 – Interviews of refuge requests in Brazil can now be scheduled through a mobile message application. According to a decree published in the Official Gazette of the Union, notification to provide statements in the process of requesting refuge may be carried out by any means that ensures the science of the interested party, including by messaging application for mobile devices.

According to the national secretary of Justice, Rogério Galloro, the measure aims at reducing costs and increasing the effectiveness of the procedure. “This is a safer and faster way to notify asylum seekers in Brazil, in addition to being cheaper,” he explains.

The general coordinator of the National Committee for Refugees, Bernardo Laferté, explains that today the communication is done by letter and many addresses of the applicants are outdated, causing them not to receive the correspondence and, therefore, lack the interviews. “It is common for refuge seekers to change addresses, but they are less likely to change their cell phone numbers. In addition, the use of electronic message application is widespread throughout Brazil, “he points out.

With the initiative, the Ministry of Justice will also save costs. Each correspondence cost R$ 6.85, regardless of destination in Brazil. The current data package costs to the MJ R$ 39.90, and allows sending as many notifications as needed per month.

For refugee applicants who do not use an electronic message application, the e-mail or physical correspondence will be used, without prejudice to the interested party.