Expression of Interest Online Form for transferred persons located in Nauru or Australia

Expressions of Interest to resettle in New Zealand can be completed through the online form available at the end of this webpage. Participation is entirely voluntary. Before completing an online Expression of Interest form, please be aware that: 

This Expression of Interest form is only relevant to persons currently located in Nauru or Australia who were transferred by Australia under the offshore processing arrangement on or after 19 July 2013.  

An Expression of Interest completed online is not an application to New Zealand and does not guarantee that your case will be referred to New Zealand. It simply registers your interest to be considered for resettlement. The online form will remain available for the foreseeable future. The order in which Expression of Interest forms are received will not determine priority for further processing.

UNHCR will assess your case in line with its policies and procedures including the UNHCR Resettlement Handbook. Please note that Resettlement is not a right and places are very limited; please see here for further general information about Resettlement.  

If your case has been determined eligible for resettlement, UNHCR will refer your case to New Zealand. The New Zealand Government will make the final decision under its own laws and policies. 

You must provide honest and complete information throughout this process. This includes current information on all family members, especially any spouses or children.  

If your case is active in a resettlement pathway with another country such as the United States or Canada, you should stay in this pathway. This remains your best chance of resettlement in another country. 

Once an online Expression of Interest form has been completed, you will receive an email within two working days confirming your form has been received by UNHCR. You do not need to take any further action.  

You will be contacted if your case is proceeding to the next stage. Please note that due to the large volume of inquiries, UNHCR is unable to respond to individual emails. Further information on resettlement to New Zealand will be shared on the UNHCR Australia Help website. Please visit this website regularly to stay updated.  

If you require the assistance of an interpreter to complete this form, please contact UNHCR at [email protected]  

For further information about resettlement in New Zealand, including settlement and family reunification see here

Online form: Expression of interest in resettlement to New Zealand* 

*This form is based on the secure Kobo platform. Any data submitted through this form will be received directly by UNHCR and managed in accordance with the UNHCR Data Protection Policy