Resettlement to New Zealand for persons subject to Australia’s offshore transfer policy

New Zealand and Australia announced on 24 March 2022 an arrangement under which New Zealand will resettle eligible refugees subject to Australia’s offshore transfer policy. The arrangement applies to eligible refugees currently located on Nauru or in Australia. It has been agreed that New Zealand will accept to resettle up to 150 refugees annually for three years.  

As transferred persons currently in Papua New Guinea are not included in this arrangement, UNHCR has agreed with New Zealand that it will provide referrals of eligible refugees from Papua New Guinea through a separate channel. These will be under New Zealand’s refugee quota program.  

You can find out more about these two pathways for resettlement to New Zealand and how to express your interest in being considered using the links below.  

  1. Steps Involved in the New Zealand Resettlement Pathways for Transferred Persons 
  1. Expression of Interest Oneline Form for Transferred Persons Located in Papua New Guinea  
  1. Expression of Interest Online Form for Transferred Persons Located in Nauru or Australia  
  1. General information on Resettlement  
  1. UNHCR media statement on Resettlement to New Zealand for transferred persons

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