Call for applications for the Outreach Volunteer Program of UNHCR Algeria (Algiers)

UNHCR Algeria (Algiers) is looking for Outreach Volunteers who will serve as intermediaries between the different communities of refugees and asylum-seekers on the one hand and UNHCR Algeria (Algiers) on the other hand. For example, the volunteers will identify the communities’ needs and resources as well as the protection risks they are facing and disseminate on UNHCR services and activities.


  • Strengthening links between UNHCR Algeria and the different communities of refugees and asylum-seekers, facilitating information sharing, including through establishing two-way communication channels.
  • Supporting community members, informing them about their rights, the various protection services, and explain UNHCR procedures to them.
  • Raising awareness of issues related to child protection, commitment to combatting discrimination and all forms of violence within the community.
  • Reporting urgent protection needs identified within the community.
  • Accompanying the UNHCR Algeria protection team and its partners during regular visits to members of the community.
  • Reporting on activities carried out and the progress achieved.
  • Proposing and organizing activities between UNHCR and the communities.

Requirements and qualifications :

  1. Ability to read and write (English, French or Arabic).
  2. Very good sense of communication and active listening skills.
  3. Being very organized, diligent and active in the community.
  4. Being available 4 hours/4 days a week.
  5. Assure confidentiality of information shared by people of the community or by UNHCR.
  6. People under the protection of UNHCR are of diverse nationalities, cultures, languages ​​and opinions. Commitment to preserving and strengthening this diversity, ensuring equal opportunities, as well as maintaining an inclusive working environment.
  7. Experience in associations, or in civil society would be appreciated.
  8. Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity.

Outreach Volunteers will receive a small financial recompensation for their time.

Applications will be accepted until 28 September 2021.

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