Application for a DAFI scholarship in Turkey for the Academic Year 2018-2019

Please read the information below carefully. Make sure you fully understand the criteria and conditions of the scholarship before completing the form below. We specifically encourage qualified women and persons with specific needs to apply.

The deadline for the submission of applications is 5 November 2018.

Information on the DAFI scholarship

  • The DAFI scholarship is awarded for a maximum of four years for studying on a bachelor or equivalent degree programme in higher education institutions. The DAFI programme does not support master programmes.
  • A DAFI scholarship covers costs for tuition fees, study and learning materials and allowances for food, transport and accommodation.
  • The students receiving a scholarship will be included in regular social, peer-to-peer and community engagement and skills development activities. UNHCR and the project partner remain in close contact with each student and the higher education institutions to ensure the academic success and well-being of each student.
  • The DAFI programme aims to support qualified academically strong young refugee men and women who meet the requirements to access higher education in their country of asylum. The DAFI scholarship aims to empower young men and women equally to contribute knowledge, skills and leadership to the refugee community, and to facilitate peaceful coexistence, social cohesion, and the development of host communities during displacement. To achieve this, each sponsored student is expected to contribute to their community and society not only through their academic and professional careers, but also through their personal engagement, supporting and inspiring other community members, especially refugee children and youth.

Application requirements

Before you start completing the application form please make sure you meet the following criteria.

  • You are an international protection applicant or international protection status holder holding a valid Identity Document issued by the Directorate General of Migration Management.
  • You are 28 years or younger when you will start studying.
    • Exceptions apply only if you fulfil one or more of the following conditions, which will be carefully reviewed by UNHCR and the project partner:
      • have already started your bachelor studies in your home country and have earned credits but had to interrupt your studies due to flight.
      • have already started your bachelor studies in the country of asylum and have earned credits but had to interrupt your studies due to the lack of financial resources.
      • have a specific need (for example, a disability) and faced particular challenges to access higher education programmes because of it.
  • You have a high school diploma either from your home country or Turkey (or another country), and you can present the original documents attesting your achievements. If you do not possess the relevant documents, please contact UNHCR or one of their partners (e.g. ASAM/HRDF) and explain your situation ahead of the submission of your application, and indicate so in the application form/ motivational letter.
  • You have achieved above average results in high school.
  • You are proficient in the language of instruction of the universities, colleges or programmes of study in which you wish to enrol.
  • You have never received a scholarship before (except for the Higher Education Grant), and will inform UNHCR of any pending scholarship applications in your application.
  • You are in need of financial assistance to pursue your studies.
  • You have a strong motivation to contribute to your community, for example through regular volunteering and community service activities.
  • You have the drive to be successful, interact easily with others, be a role model for younger refugees, and you are curious to explore new ways of learning.
  • Please note that DAFI Scholarship Programme does not cover Preparatory programs.
  • You are from a country other than Syria.

Terms and conditions

Before you complete your application, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the scholarship.

  • A DAFI scholarship covers costs for tuition fees, study and learning materials and allowances including for food, transport and accommodation. Allowances to the students will be paid on a monthly basis.
  • The scholarship will be renewed each year for up to four years based on the regular attendance in classes, successful completion of each semester and academic year and study progress within the regular study time foreseen by the higher education institution for the specific course.
  • In cases of repeated absenteeism, underperformance or failure, i.e. not passing the required tests and assignments to be promoted to the next semester/ academic year, the reasons will be thoroughly evaluated with the higher education institution and the student, based on which the continuation or discontinuation of the scholarship will be decided.
  • In cases of fraud or misconduct, the scholarship will be discontinued.
  • At the beginning of each academic year the students receiving a DAFI scholarship sign a Scholarship Agreement.
  • Each student is expected to work towards the successful completion of their studies, if selected for the DAFI programme. If you are selected for the DAFI scholarship but apply for other scholarships, e.g. in another country or if you plan to return to your home country, you are requested to inform UNHCR immediately about your plans.
  • Each student is expected to work independently and with a high degree of responsibility to finish their studies within the regular study time foreseen by the higher education institution for the specific course, this includes open communication with UNHCR or a counsellor in the higher education institution if the student experiences challenges to do so.

Application process

Make sure that your application includes the documents listed below. The application must include all required documents. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

1. Information on the application process

  • Collect all necessary documents for your application and fill in the application form.
  • Inform yourself about the choice of fields of studies, your preferred field of study, which higher education institutions offer the study programme and what the admission requirements are.
  • Submit your completed and signed application before or on the due date.
  • If after the interview your application is considered, you will be contacted by UNHCR or the project partner. The scholarship comes into effect after the signing of a scholarship agreement and your respective acceptance of the scholarship.

2. Collect and prepare all your documents

  • One application form duly completed in English or in Turkish and signed by the applicant. Please fill the form on computer.
  • Copy of YTK/Foreigners’ ID card – Foreigners’ ID number and status to be visible (mandatory)
  • Proof of high school completion (mandatory)
  • YOS result (mandatory)
  • TOMER certificate or Turkish proficiency certificate (optional)
  • Proof of acceptance/enrolment at university (mandatory)
  • Copy of your UNHCR registration document (asylum or refugee certificate) (mandatory)
  • Copy of your university transcript (mandatory) – indicating your GPA – if in your second semester or higher
  • Medical report(s) (providing detail of nature of disability) (if available and if relevant) (optional)

All applicants require a valid identification number issued by the Turkish authorities in order to be eligible for this scholarship programme. Registration with the Turkish authorities is also required for enrolment in university.

3. Application submission

Applicants must submit their application to the UNHCR Turkey office by email before or on the due date communicated by UNHCR (5 November 2018).

Please send your application documents by email to:

Use the following subject when sending your application: DAFI Scholarship Application 2018

By completing this form, you consent to sharing the information in the form with UNHCR. UNHCR is bound by strict rules of confidentiality and protection of individual data.  Please note that your data will not be shared with any parties for commercial gain, research or for reasons other than scholarship selection.

NOTE: Closing date of submission is 5 November 2018. Late applications received after closing date will not be considered. All necessary (mandatory) supporting documents, listed at the end of the application form must be attached to this form. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Please download

Application form | Information sheet