“Modelo de Graduación” Project

What is the Modelo de Graduación (Graduation Model)?
The Graduation Model is a project that helps refugees in social and economic difficulty to escape extreme poverty.

This is accomplished by employing a number of techniques, such as social assistance, support for job creation or self-employment, training and microfinance. The aim is to promote dignity and self-sufficiency of the participants.

UNHCR runs this initiative alongside organizations such as ACAI, RET, Casa de Derechos and the Municipalidad de Desamparados. Furthermore, we have the support of the private sector and national authorities such as the Migration Office, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Labor, the National Institute for Vocational Training and others.

How is the Graduation Model implemented in Costa Rica?
An assessment committee analyzes the situation of the potential beneficiaries. Participants are chosen according to the previously established criteria, and based on the commitment and ability of the applicants.

Comprehensive accompaniment is provided to the selected participants, to steer them either in the direction of employment or self-employment.

Who can participate in the Graduation Model?
Refugees and asylum-seekers, or former refugees who are now naturalized or permanent residents of Costa Rica and are facing great difficulties in the country.

If you are interested in this program, find out more and submit your case for assessment. Remember that your commitment is of utmost importance for this and all other projects!

For more information, please call:
ACAI 880-8002224
ACNUR 2296-6800
Or email: modelodegraduacioncr@gmail.com