Microcredit program

UNHCR has a microcredit program that is run by Fundación Mujer. The program provides support to entrepreneurial refugees and those who wish to start their own business, by giving advice and financial access.

Who can benefit from this microcredit program?
• Those with an idea for a project who wish to improve their business skills and bring their idea to fruition.
• Those who already have a business and require financing to strengthen it.

What types of activities can receive financing?
• Small businesses (bakeries, workshops, etc.).
• Handicrafts.
• Services (cafés, beauty salons, repair shops, etc.).
• Shops (stores, bazaars, truck stops, etc.).
• Farming.

Find out more about the microcredit program, its loans, credit terms and training by calling Fundación Mujer on 2253-1661 or sending a text message to 8653-2920.