Education support

The UNHCR, along with NGOs such as RET and ACAI, can offer you support and advice with regard to access to the education and training services available in Costa Rica. Receive information and support for issues such as:

• Rights and responsibilities regarding education of refugees and asylum-seekers.
• Enrolling your children in the education system.
• Procedure to validate and certify completed (primary, secondary and university) studies from your home country.
• Applications to the Public Education Department.
• Access to adult education services.
• Measures you can take if your child is having trouble integrating in school.
• Financial assistance for basic educational equipment (school supplies, uniforms and other requirements). This support is subject to evaluation.

Furthermore, RET, the ACAI and the House of Rights (with the support of organizations such as the National Institute of Learning – INA), offer talks and training that could be of interest to you. Subjects include: computing, food handling, customer service, etc. More information about training is available from each of the above organizations. All educational support services are subject to evaluation.