Employment support

The UNHCR, along with many partner organizations, has initiatives to help refugees and asylum-seekers in obtaining work permits:

Employment Opportunity Program: ACAI offers employment opportunity programs where you can receive support in your search for employment, interview preparation and CV. ACAI, through its “living integration” program, works with a range of affiliated companies. Applicants can submit their résumé to be considered for any of the available positions.

This program also offers training opportunities. If you sign up to this program, it is important that you update your information every three months so that you remain active in your search and your profile can be sent to potential employers. You can request more information by calling 800-8002224, sending an email to oportunidadeslaborales@acai.cr or a text message to 8593-0249.

“Vivir la Integración” Program: “Vivir la Integración” (Living Integration) is a Corporate Social Responsibility program, led by the UNHCR, the Business Association for Development (AED), the Migration Office and the ACAI. The program encourages companies to help with the integration of refugees and applicants holding a work permit through job opportunities, training, raising awareness and supporting entrepreneurship.
The NGO “Refugee Education Trust” (RET) also carries out various projects to support your insertion in the job market and the development of business ideas. Find out more from their offices.