Public Transportation

Public transport in Costa Rica is relatively inexpensive and easy to use, yet it is not well organized. Your main transportation options are bus, train and taxi.

Bus: This is the most inexpensive form of public transport. Most buses go to and from downtown San José, where the routes connect. There is no central bus stop in San José; the stops are distributed throughout different parts of the city. Ask around in your neighborhood to learn about the nearby bus routes and their schedules.

Taxi: There are several different taxi companies in Costa Rica. The official taxis are red and clearly labeled (plate number and company). The taxi should have a meter (known as a maría) that will show the cost of the trip, based on the time and distance covered. You can take taxis off the street, but it is always safer to call a company and request one.

Train: There are currently 4 inter-city train routes: Pavas, Heredia, Cartago and San Antonio de Belén. Traveling by train is also relatively inexpensive, but you must remember that there are set schedules. These trains are all run by INCOFER. You can find more information at: