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Applications open for scholarships for refugees at UniSantos (16 feb 2018)

The Universidade Católica de Santos (UniSantos) annouced the opening of applications to the 2018 version of the program “Refugee scholarship”. UniSantos offers 3 scholarships for refugees, covering all universities fees. The succesfull candidate will chose among 20 undergraduate courses.

Applications will close next Thursday, February 22, and the exam will be held on February 24.

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Refuge interviews can be scheduled by mobile message (30 jan 2018)

The Ministry of Justice issued a statement on Tuesday (30/01) reporting on the new mode of scheduling interviews for asylum seekers, as follows.

Refuge interviews can be scheduled by mobile message

The measure aims at reducing costs and achieve greater effectiveness in communication

Brasília, 30/1/18 – Interviews of refuge requests in Brazil can now be scheduled through a mobile message application. According to a decree published in the Official Gazette of the Union, notification to provide statements in the process of requesting refuge may be carried out by any means that ensures the science of the interested party, including by messaging application for mobile devices.

According to the national secretary of Justice, Rogério Galloro, the measure aims at reducing costs and increasing the effectiveness of the procedure. “This is a safer and faster way to notify asylum seekers in Brazil, in addition to being cheaper,” he explains.

The general coordinator of the National Committee for Refugees, Bernardo Laferté, explains that today the communication is done by letter and many addresses of the applicants are outdated, causing them not to receive the correspondence and, therefore, lack the interviews. “It is common for refuge seekers to change addresses, but they are less likely to change their cell phone numbers. In addition, the use of electronic message application is widespread throughout Brazil, “he points out.

With the initiative, the Ministry of Justice will also save costs. Each correspondence cost R$ 6.85, regardless of destination in Brazil. The current data package costs to the MJ R$ 39.90, and allows sending as many notifications as needed per month.

For refugee applicants who do not use an electronic message application, the e-mail or physical correspondence will be used, without prejudice to the interested party.

Refugees and asylum seekers are required to report travels abroad through the MJ website (25 jan 2018)

The Ministry of Justice issued a statement announcing new procedures for reporting travel abroad for refugees and asylum seekers. Stay tuned.

Refugees and asylum seekers are required to report travels abroad through the MJ website

The procedure, which was done previously by e-mail, aims at greater security in communication

Brasília, 25/1/18 – Communication and authorization procedures for international travel of refugees and asylum seekers have been updated. What used to be done via e-mail, now is made through the page of the Ministry of Justice, via electronic protocol.

Access the forms for:

International travel communications (for asylum seekers)

International travel authorization (for recognized refugees)

The change brings greater security since some emails did not arrive and no protocol number was generated for follow-up. Now, both the refugees and the analysts of the National Committee for Refugees (Conare), can follow the process through the website, with a single protocol number.

Travel communication is necessary for refugee applicants who wish to leave the national territory during the procedure of the request for refuge procedure.

The travel authorization is mandatory in cases of travel to the country of origin, travel to any destination with a duration of more than 12 months and travel using the passport of the country of origin as a travel document for refugees already recognized in Brazil.

The request for travel authorization must be completed at least 60 days prior to the scheduled travel date. The applicant must wait for Conare’s decision to travel in the situations described above.

Refugee applicants may leave Brazil once, for a period not exceeding 90 days, under penalty of filing the refugee status recognition process.

Recognized refugees, by virtue of the provisions of item IV of art. 39 of Law 9.474/97, can only leave the country after Conare’s authorization, under penalty of loss of refugee status.




Applications open for Technical, Technological and Undergraduate courses in Santa Maria (09 jan 2018)

The Federal University of Santa Maria published the edict with specific selective process for refugees and immigrants in vulnerable situations (Technical, Technological and Undergraduate Courses). Applications are going to be closed on March 2nd, 2018. For more information, access the edict.


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